Our services

Septic & Grease Trap Pumping


Maciel and Sons Inc services both commercial/residential septic systems on Martha's Vineyard and Chappaquiddick Island. We also pump commercial grease traps for local businesses.    

Excavation Services


At Maciel & Sons Inc we are a full excavation company. We install new septic's, foundation holes, water line services, sewer services, and line repair.

Clog Removal / Inspections


Have a clog? We offer state of the art vacuum clog removal,  jetting and video inspection services. 

Special Event Units


Our restroom trailers are the best in the business great for weddings or corporate events.   visit our Dottie's Potties web page at www.dottiespotties.org for more info

Dotties Potties


Dottie's Potties is a division of Maciel and Sons Inc servicing the construction industry, local events and venues. Dotties Potties also offers deluxe units with sinks for weddings and small venues.  visit our dotties Potties web page at www.dottiespotties.org for more info

Sewer & Pump Repair


Did you know some septic tanks require pumps? Not a problem, Maciel and Sons covers that to. Maciel and Sons also Installs E-One sewer connections.