Frequantly Asked Questions

Q: How often should my tank be Pumped? 

A: Home owner living in the residence should have there tank pumped every 3-4 years on average. If there are more then 4 people or multi family usage the tank should be pumped every 1-2 years.

Q: I am a part time resident how often do i need to be pumped out?

A: Every 5-7 years depending on use and rental status and usage. 

Q: I do not know were my tank is can you find it?

A: We have location tools to locate any type of system.

Q: My home smells of wastewater.

A: First check for any standing water or wet spots on flooring surfaces this could be a bigger issue. Most of the time homes left vacant for the winter months that have traps on sinks ; toilets  and showers  tend to dry up. Flush the pipes by running water and the smell will go away. 

Q: My drains are draining slowly why is this?

A: Hair tends to build up in the traps preventing water to pass by. The lines to your system can be blocked by food grease, children's toys or to much product being flushed.

Q: What should never be flushed down the drain?

A: Food grease (bacon grease), baby wipes or any type of wipes, sanitary products.

Q: I have a pump for my gray water (septic system) and the alarm is sounding what should i do?

A: This could be a number of issues and should be addressed promptly and in a timely matter.